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Dr. Bobby is nothing short of incredible. He worked with my son and it has made a world of difference. we have worked with a few people during my sons rehab and Dr. Bobby is one of the best. Very professional while still explaining things so that you can understand. He has a wealth of knowledge and know how to use it without sounding like a know it all. I highly encourage anyone who is need to contact and work with him.
Ramon H.

Simply amazing! From the moment I walked in the door the staff was pleasant, upbeat, and friendly. I met Dr. Bobby at a local power lifting meet that I was unable to compete at due to a shoulder injury. After having Dr. Bobby make some on the spot adjustments and quick evaluations, I decided I needed to make a real appointment with him. I got my first experience with dry needling and cupping. Both procedures can be very unpleasant and admittedly, I highly dislike both. However, I love how much better I feel afterwards! After several visits I’m back out on the platform training for an upcoming Olympic lifting meet! Just an awesome feeling being able to sleep through the night without shoulder pain as well as waking up and not feeling pain in my foot. My posture has improved as my lifting technique! Big thank you to Dr. Bobby and his amazing staff!

Chris R.

I was introduced to Dr. Mozafari a couple of years ago when he was a member of a fitness company I work at.  As a personal trainer I pride myself on being in tip top shape.  But when I started developing lower back issues, and hip issues, it got so bad that i couldn’t even work out or sit in my car without pain.  This went on for about a year until I said enough and went in to visit Dr. Mozafari.  One thing I will say in all honesty, Dr. Mozafari genuinely cares for you as a person. Asks about your daily life, and spends time talking with you about all sorts of issues.  He is extremely knowledgeable at what he does and I would recommend anyone and everyone to him.  He went over an extensive evaluation which pinpointed my issues: super tight hip flexors which caused my back pain and also random foot pain.  We started going over options and treatment, therapy scenarios.  Dr. Mozafari made it relatively easy to understand and we started a biweekly therapy sessions, and its made a huge difference so far. He also explained why I was having these issues and how to remedy them, providing different techniques.  Great doctor, great therapy, even greater guy!

Jose V.

Dr. Mozafari redefines outstanding as a chiropractor, rehabilitation specialist and professional. I had been suffering from chronic back pain for at least 1 1/2 years and had visited multiple professionals to no avail before getting treated by Dr. Mozafari. In one visit Dr. Mozafari reduced my level of pain by 90% enabling me to get off pain killers.  I continue to see Dr. Mozafari even though I have to drive 2 hours to his office and my insurance does not cover him.  He does not follow a cookie cutter approach, like many others, he works with you and your limitations until he finally gets your muscles to respond the way they need to. He is patient, thorough and infinitely competent. I recommend him unreservedly.

Astrid J.

Dr. Bobby is the best! I started going to ISSR for physical therapy after a knee injury and I am so glad I did! I’m used to physical therapy where you’re stuck alone on a few pieces of equipment and then kicked out the door once you’re deemed healed. Dr. Bobby worked one on one with me throughout my recovery AND worked with me to correct the bio-mechanical issues that caused my injury in the first place. Instead of just fixing the injury and sending me on my way, Dr. Bobby worked to ensure I wouldn’t sustain any more injuries in the future. He is also completely knowledgeable, approachable, and an all around nice guy. I highly recommend Integrated Sport, Spine & Rehab!!!

Tori B.

Dr. Mozafari is as good as it gets. I started seeing him back in August for some back and hip issues that were starting to bother me more and more. I remember being extremely surprised by how complete his initial assessment and evaluation was – he really took the time to learn about my issues, and (more importantly) my daily life and overall goals. He even spent, oh, a good hour talking with me when I tried to convince him (repeatedly) that I was absolutely NOT going to try dry needling (which I did end up trying and it works wonders).Not only has he diagnosed my hip issue, he’s helped me understand why I’m having these problems due to improper movement, posture, lack of mobility, etc.

Dr. Mozafari and his staff are highly recommended!

Sara R.

For the first time in years, I’m pain free! I have Dr. Mozafari and his awesome staff to thank for that. I’m a mom of two kids under 4 and with all the lifting, hauling, bending, and general abuse, my back and neck were jacked. After a few weeks until Dr. Mozafari’s care, I feel like a new woman! My lower back pain? Gone. The weird numbness in my mid-back? Gone. Neck pain, shoulder pain, etc? Gone!! Dr. Mozafari and his staff are committed to your care and pull out all the stops to retrain your form for function. Between adjustments and PT exercises, my range of motion has increased dramatically. Oh, and did I mention, these guys are genuinely nice and cool? Yep. 5 Stars all day long.

Stephanie S.

Integrated Sport, Spine and Rehab was recommended to me after I was dinged up at the gym. Dr. Bobby Mozafari understood exactly what was going on with me and we set up a solid rehab plan that made a difference.

He uses modern technology and methods to help his patients get back to where they wanted to be. I would recommend this office to anybody who asks.

Andy E.

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