Our Approach

We deliver the most comprehensive approach to musculoskeletal care in the area.

Integrated Sport, Spine & Rehab was created in response to the growing number of people who felt turned off by the idea of chiropractic care following a negative experience. We set out to not only exceed patient expectations, but to redefine what honest, informed, and effective chiropractic care is to people in the Olney area.

Utilizing the latest in chiropractic and physical therapy methods, we embrace a truly evidence-based approach towards improving human performance, decreasing risk of injury, and helping people live a pain-free life.


We don’t simply chase the pain – we use biomechanical assessments and protocols to uncover the source of the dysfunctional movements in the body, causing a chain reaction, resulting in pain.


Our clinic is where people go when they’ve tried everything else and nothing has seemed to help.

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