What to Expect on your First Visit

Intake Forms

Our forms are located online so they can be filled out conveniently before you arrive at our chiropractic clinic conveniently located in Olney, MD.  After you fill out the interactive online intake form, it will be stored on our database and we can print it out when you come in for your appointment.


You will be greeted at the front desk by our receptionist. They will ask for your intake forms and will scan your driver’s license and insurance card into our system. There will be some Outcome Assessment Tool questionnaires for you to fill out. which help us track your improvement. Your insurance benefits will be shared with you, as well.


You will be escorted to see the doctor, where you will be asked questions about your health history as well as the reason you came in. This is to help narrow down the list of diagnoses.


After the consultation, you will undergo a series of functional movement assessments, orthopedic examinations, and neurological testing. The purpose of these examinations is to navigate the doctor to an accurate diagnosis. The best way to deliver the most appropriate and effective treatment is to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

Diagnostic Images

When the examination is over, sometimes diagnostic imaging, like x-rays or MRIs, might be necessary. If they are, you will be referred to a nearby imaging facility for the diagnostic images the doctor would need in order to arrive at a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan.

Report of Findings

After the consultation, exam, and any necessary diagnostic images have been evaluated, a final diagnosis can be made. The doctor will discuss the results with you and make it a point to educate you on the problem causing your symptoms and recommend a course of treatment. Any and all questions will be answered and a treatment plan will be formulated based on your personal treatment goal