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Dr. Mozafari got me back in my running shoes, pain-free and ready to move! Start to finish it was a great experience.

Caitlin U.

I was introduced to Dr. Mozafari a couple of years ago when he was a member of a fitness company I work at.  As a personal trainer I pride myself on being in tip top shape.  But when I started developing lower back issues, and hip issues, it got so bad that i couldn’t even work out or sit in my car without pain.  This went on for about a year until I said enough and went in to visit Dr. Mozafari.  One thing I will say in all honesty, Dr. Mozafari genuinely cares for you as a person. Asks about your daily life, and spends time talking with you about all sorts of issues.  He is extremely knowledgeable at what he does and I would recommend anyone and everyone to him.  He went over an extensive evaluation which pinpointed my issues: super tight hip flexors which caused my back pain and also random foot pain.  We started going over options and treatment, therapy scenarios.  Dr. Mozafari made it relatively easy to understand and we started a biweekly therapy sessions, and its made a huge difference so far. He also explained why I was having these issues and how to remedy them, providing different techniques.  Great doctor, great therapy, even greater guy!

Jose V.

One of few rehab places I have been to that they want you to get healthy as fast as possible instead of coming back as many time as they can get you to show up. Friendly helpful and very warm. If you go you would be happy.

Nick S.

I can’t recommend Integrated Sport, Spine & Rehab enough. Not only is Dr. Mozafari the best chiropractor in Olney, he is one of the most genuinely caring people I’ve ever met.

I used to be very opposed to chiropractic care after a couple bad experiences with chiropractors in Olney who I will not name. I resigned to being put on pain medication and saw various massage therapists and physical therapists for my low back pain and headaches. It wasn’t until my coworker raved about how much Dr. Mozafari had helped her. She used to live in pain daily and everyone in the office would hear her complain about it. After a couple weeks, I noticed she wasn’t complaining anymore and she seemed a lot happier and more pleasant to be around. When I asked her what she has been doing differently, she told me that she got treated by Dr. Mozafari. Her experience sounded VERY different from my experiences of chiropractors trying to get me to sign up for lots of treatments and paying up front and telling me that I’m practically falling apart and, without their long term care, everything is doom and gloom for my future.

I decided to check this place. I was not disappointed. The clinic was new, inviting, and nothing like the other clinics I’ve seen. Dr. Mozafari was extremely honest and caring. After what seemed to be the most thorough exam of my muscles, joints, and mobility I’ve ever had from anyone ever, he explained what was happening, why, and that it wouldn’t take long to fix. I was still skeptical, however. He taught me through the physical therapy exercises which things to do for myself so I don’t have to rely on him and can take care of things for myself. This was the BIGGEST contrast from anyone I’d seen in the past. Where other chiropractors are trying to keep you coming for what seems like the rest of your life, Dr. Mozafari genuinely wants you to get better so you don’t need treatment anymore.

Long story short – the low back pain that I had for 10 years and the headaches I’d had for 6 years had completely gone away after the first three weeks of care. I was good enough to be discharged from care after 2 months. He is a miracle worker as far as I’m concerned. I am incredibly grateful.

J. P.

After experiencing back pain from a slipped disc that occurred while playing sports I needed rehab and thought this place would be good for me. The focus and attention to detail of the program given to me by Dr. Bobby was great, on top of taking the time to make a personal connection with me.

Besides suggesting exercises and strengthening tools for my lower back, he also introduced me to a dietary and workout plan that would help sustain my progress far after my time spent with him.

The experience has changed my life and for that I am truly grateful!

Blair M.
I would highly recommend Dr. Bobby Mozafari with Integrated Sport, Spine and Rehab to all.

I had been experiencing severe hip/leg pain for about 5 years, which was diagnosed as bursitis. The only way I could alleviate the pain was via Motrin and stretching and even that didn’t really take away all the pain. When the pain got to be too much and it was impacting my ability to exercise and function normally on a daily basis I knew it was time to do something. Bobby was recommended to me and I knew of a few others that were going to him. After our first meeting, I knew I met someone who had my best interest in mind. The questions and explanations were very thorough so that he understood my pain and so that he could ensure that I understood the contributing factors as well as his recommended action plan. I appreciate the fact that he didn’t just prescribe more medicine to kill the pain but really looked at everything and began working toward stopping the pain altogether and getting me back into a normal routine.

I really do not think I would be where I am today without his help. He creates a safe, comfortable and friendly environment for all of his patients. Everyone is treated as a friend, not just a patient.

His care, patience, and complete understanding is what makes him such a great doctor.

Thank you for all of your help and support.

Vicky S.

Dr. Mozafari is amazing! He is friendly, professional and knowledgeable and it shows the second you walk in the door! I have nothing but amazing things to say for Integrated Sport, Spine and Rehab. I am a professional athlete and I come here for anything I might need. Highly recommended for a speedy recovery.

Heather B.

Dr. Mozafari redefines outstanding as a chiropractor, rehabilitation specialist and professional. I had been suffering from chronic back pain for at least 1 1/2 years and had visited multiple professionals to no avail before getting treated by Dr. Mozafari. In one visit Dr. Mozafari reduced my level of pain by 90% enabling me to get off pain killers.  I continue to see Dr. Mozafari even though I have to drive 2 hours to his office and my insurance does not cover him.  He does not follow a cookie cutter approach, like many others, he works with you and your limitations until he finally gets your muscles to respond the way they need to. He is patient, thorough and infinitely competent. I recommend him unreservedly.

Astrid J.

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