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Dr. Mozafari redefines outstanding as a chiropractor, rehabilitation specialist and professional. I had been suffering from chronic back pain for at least 1 1/2 years and had visited multiple professionals to no avail before getting treated by Dr. Mozafari. In one visit Dr. Mozafari reduced my level of pain by 90% enabling me to get off pain killers.  I continue to see Dr. Mozafari even though I have to drive 2 hours to his office and my insurance does not cover him.  He does not follow a cookie cutter approach, like many others, he works with you and your limitations until he finally gets your muscles to respond the way they need to. He is patient, thorough and infinitely competent. I recommend him unreservedly.

Astrid J.

Integrated Sport, Spine and Rehab is a great place if you’re looking for a doctor who truly listens to his patients. Dr. Bobby Mozafari, took the time to really listen to what issues I was having with my shoulder soreness, and he diagnosed, and treated that day.

His facility is quiet, extremely clean, and most importantly welcoming. I’ve been to plenty of chiropractors and rehab facilities in the past, and ISSR is hands down a top notch facility.

I highly recommend to ISSR to anyone who is seeking a new chiropractor who takes the time to heal you accordingly. He made my shoulder feel 110% better! I would definitely go back to see Dr. Bobby Mozafari and Integrated Sport, Spine and Rehab.

Darren S.

First time working with a chiropractor, and I had a good experience. Very professional, but also very approachable and friendly, and took the time to explain the mechanics behind what was wrong. Anyone skittish about going to a chiropractor for their first time, I’d definitely recommend making a visit here.

Jaegan W.

I came in with neck and back pain, that I’d had since the middle of March. I got no results from any of the doctors that I went to, and I was beginning to resign myself to just dealing with it. By chance, one of my doctor friends mentioned that Dr. Mozafari had really helped her daughter, who is a gymnast. Since I trusted her and her judgment, I decided to check him out.

Having gone there, I can 100% say that she was totally right – I have to continue doing the exercises that he prescribed, but that’s to be expected. More importantly, I can now deal with it, and I’m not afraid to move around. I highly recommend Dr. Mozafari to anyone who has any sort of muscle pain or trauma, he’s very good and I’m grateful to him.

Irina L.

Dr. Mozafari focuses on giving precise, direct care rather than long treatment plans that are irrelevant just to drain your wallet. He is very skilled and caring and will make sure you leave feeling better rather than just pushing you out the door.

Josh A.

I do not have enough to say about Dr Mozafari. His caring demeanor and expertise made my life so much better. I am getting ready to go back to exercising after being after his care. I had severe back pain and neck arthritis. After dry needling, chiropractic care, taping and continuous easy to my level exercises, the pain level is not existent. I learned exercises to strengthen my core and neck. I feel stronger, learned ways how to avoid injuries and firmly believe my workouts will be more productive. If you want to enhance yourself and learn how your body works, I challenge you to invest your time with Dr Mozafari. Your body will thank you.

Monica B.

I highly recommend Dr. Mozafari to anyone experiencing minimal to acute and/or chronic levels of discomfort and pain. He is truly an expert in his field and has helped me immensely.

What I found very unique about Dr. Mozafari is that he takes a collaborative approach with his patients, giving effective treatments, but also providing guidance on the right exercises and diet to ensure optimal improvement. He truly cares about you and will ensure a positive outcome.

In working with Dr. Mozafari, I feel like I got my life back. I am sleeping soundly, exercising doing resistance training and aerobic activities, and I am enjoying life again without pain. And I welcome the idea that it is an all natural solution. I cannot express enough how pleased I am with Dr. Mozafari’s expertise and personal attention, and I highly recommend his care.

Mary Jane A.

Dr. Bobby Mozafari with Integrated Sport, Spine & Rebab is one of the most knowledgeable chiropractors I have had the pleasure of being treated by.

Prior to being treated by Dr. Bobby, I had slipped and fell on ice, fracturing my back. As a result, the muscles in my upper back were traumatized and remained tense for months after the accident. Thanks to Dr. Bobby, he was able to help alleviate not only my back pain but gave me helpful exercises to ensure my continued success.

Having previously worked for a chiropractor, it was apparent to me that Dr. Bobby was a different caliber of chiropractor. Not only was he knowledgeable but he was genuinely concerned with my injuries and how they were affecting my daily life. I’m confident in Dr. Bobby’s future success and would recommend him and his staff at Integrated Sport, Spine & Rehab.

Jennifer C.

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