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Dr. Mozafari is as good as it gets. I started seeing him back in August for some back and hip issues that were starting to bother me more and more. I remember being extremely surprised by how complete his initial assessment and evaluation was – he really took the time to learn about my issues, and (more importantly) my daily life and overall goals. He even spent, oh, a good hour talking with me when I tried to convince him (repeatedly) that I was absolutely NOT going to try dry needling (which I did end up trying and it works wonders).Not only has he diagnosed my hip issue, he’s helped me understand why I’m having these problems due to improper movement, posture, lack of mobility, etc.

Dr. Mozafari and his staff are highly recommended!

Sara R.

I first met Dr. Mozafari when he practiced in St. Louis.  He is an excellent doctor.  I learned the cause of my lower back pain.  Through his exercises and treatment I am 100% better.  I would recommend him to anyone

T. L.

These guys are awesome! My pain is a thing of the past and my over all day has been improved. They not only corrected the immediate issue of pain management, they figured out it was something less serious and easier to fix and set me up with excersizes that strengthened the right places to fix my problem and also correct my back. Definitely would recommend to family and friends

Peter W.

Dr. Mozafari is by far one of the most evidence based chiropractors in the area. He doesn’t try to sell you gimmicks, or get you on extremely long treatment plans..he simply finds what needs to be fixed, and with enthusiasm, gets the job done, quickly. His patient centered care provides positive outcomes because he not only treats you, but teaches you!

Brandon M.

I have searched long and hard for a doctor that is able to use not only medical knowledge, but application of a variety of methods that are scientifically grounded with results that are almost instantaneous. Dr. Mozafari encourages his patients to build up their corps through exercise, nutrition and a panoply of remedies such as; dry needling, chiropractic, and stimulation. I highly recommend Dr. Mozafari to those suffering from neck, spine, and body maladies.

Hope M.

For the first time in years, I’m pain free! I have Dr. Mozafari and his awesome staff to thank for that. I’m a mom of two kids under 4 and with all the lifting, hauling, bending, and general abuse, my back and neck were jacked. After a few weeks until Dr. Mozafari’s care, I feel like a new woman! My lower back pain? Gone. The weird numbness in my mid-back? Gone. Neck pain, shoulder pain, etc? Gone!! Dr. Mozafari and his staff are committed to your care and pull out all the stops to retrain your form for function. Between adjustments and PT exercises, my range of motion has increased dramatically. Oh, and did I mention, these guys are genuinely nice and cool? Yep. 5 Stars all day long.

Stephanie S.

One of few rehab places I have been to that they want you to get healthy as fast as possible instead of coming back as many time as they can get you to show up. Friendly helpful and very warm. If you go you would be happy.

Nick S.

Dr. Mozafari does an excellent job of getting to the source of a problem(s) and creating a treatment plan that provides both immediate relief and long term results. Exceptional individualized attention.

Genevieve A.

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